Let us know about your Kiwi Suspension experiences!

Youthlaw is surveying young people and their supporters about their experiences of “kiwi suspensions” and hear their stories when they were denied entry and participation in school. We are wanting to hear where formal processes of formal notification to the Ministry of Education or a suspension and Board of Trustees disciplinary meeting were not followed.

We want to hear about all of your experiences which may include the following:
• Refusal of entry to school
• Being barred participation in class
• Being told to stay away part of school days
• Being exempted from school or taken off the roll
• Being informally told to stay away
• Being told to leave school permanently to avoid a “bad record”
Please email us at youthlawt@gmail.com / jen@youthlaw.co.nz or call us on 0800 884 529.

We are hoping that with your stories we can show where there are problems in the system for young people and getting an education. We are hoping that these stories will help us to tell law makers how they can make changes to make the system better for young people. Youthlaw is going to publish a report next year making recommendations about changes what can be made in the future.