bullying & violence

Hitting people is wrong!

This is one of the basic rules of society. Any physical force used intentionally against someone is an assault. This includes causing harm to a person by:

  • Punching or slapping with a hand or a fist;
  • Pushing, pulling, or grabbing a person by their clothes;
  • Hitting with a stick or other object;
  • Throwing anything at someone;
  • Deliberately causing physical pain with a knife or sharp object;
  • Spitting at someone

However, in some cases the use of force against someone will not always be an ‘assault’. First, there will be no assault where you or someone else agrees to the use of force being applied – for instance, when you get your haircut or go to the dentist. Second, in cases of self-defence, you can use reasonable force to protect you or someone else against an attack, but only as much as is reasonable for protection.

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