We partner with a range of organisations in order to work collaboratively for children and young people. We are also thankful for the considerable support provided to us by a number of other organisations.

In addition, we work closely with a range of entities including government departments and Ministries, police, media organisations, Netsafe, the Human Rights Commission, the NZ School Trustees Association, various unions and associations, youth work providers, primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, Auckland Council, and of course a number of youth organisations.

Our key partners include:


 Community Law Centres
Community Law Centres provide free legal services to those with unmet legal needs in their communities. The Coalition of Community Law Centres Aotearoa includes almost all of the 26 community law centres operating nationwide. Our work across New Zealand is supported by many of these organisations.
  Human Rights in Education (HRiE)
The Human Rights in Education Trust is a collaborative initiative of organisations working to contribute to human rights education in New Zealand. Members contribute resources, experience and the shared goal of improving human rights education.
  Office of the Children’s Commissioner
YouthLaw and the OCC produce a joint publication “You Have Rights” which informs young people about their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The publication is reprinted every year. Find out more about this publication or request copies
Tearaway provide us with free space to print a regular legal Q&A column in their youth magazine. 2012 will be our third year of working together to inform young people about their rights and laws affecting them. Visit their website for more information.
  Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
MERW suports our work through pro bono lawyers which help staff our nationwide phone line every week. In addition, Minter Ellison provide us with excess office furniture from time to time.
Among a range of collaborative projects, Youthline and YouthLaw jointly administer our Youth Advisory Group. Youthline have helped us establish and run this group, and contribute their time, money and expertise to its management.