about us

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Children and young people are particularly vulnerable – they may be too young to know what’s going on around them or lack the ability to make their voice heard. They may struggle with knowing where to find the right help and can suffer from discrimination simply because of their age. We’re here to make sure children and young people get a fair go.

YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki is a free community law centre for children and young people nationwide. We provide free legal services to anyone aged under 25 who are unable to access legal help elsewhere, or those acting on their behalf. We’re a registered charity (CC10505) and we’re part of the nationwide community law centre network. We’re the only organisation operating across NZ where children and young people can access free legal services just for them.

We provide four main services to children and young people:

We recognise that once a young person turns 18 their vulnerability doesn’t always magically disappear – there is often a transition period to full independence. This is also the definition used by the Ministry of Youth Development.

The Community Law Centre (CLC) network comprises a number of independent non-government organisations around the country which help people living in a particular area with their legal problems. While we are not part of government, we are funded primarily through contracts with the Ministry of Justice. You have to be eligible to receive help from a CLC – this means you will usually be unable to afford a private lawyer and you do not qualify for legal aid. Other CLCs may have other conditions. In addition, Auckland Disability Law provides assistance to those with disability-specific legal queries, and Ngai Tahu Maori Law Centre provides assistance to Maori on mostly te Tiriti o Waitangi-related issues. View a list of all CLCs nationwide on the Coalition of Community Law Centres Aotearoa website.\


Important Information for Clients (PDFs)