Radio NZ interview on supporting ‘at risk’ school students (1/9/2017) - YouthLaw Aotearoa solicitor and Heidi Hayward join Radio NZ for a conversation about what more needs to be done to support ‘at risk’ school students. Dunedin principal Heidi Hayward created a huge stir late last month when she wrote an open letter to four government ministers highlighting areas of deep concern. She says she wrote the letter [...]
Report into Informal Student Removals from School Published by YouthLaw (10/17/2016) - YouthLaw has released a report today that highlights the experiences of a number of children that have been removed from school inconsistently with the provisions of the Education Act.     Download a copy of the report: Barriers to Education in New Zealand: The Rise of Informal Removals of Students in New Zealand (To download [...]
Report into Special Education Support in Schools published by YouthLaw (9/5/2016) - In a report released today, YouthLaw urges the Government to make comprehensive changes to the structure, funding and accountability of the special education sector.   Download a copy of the report: Challenging the Barriers – YouthLaw (To download and not just view, please press the down arrow button after entering the report.)
Let us know about your Kiwi Suspension experiences! (12/1/2015) - Youthlaw is surveying young people and their supporters about their experiences of “kiwi suspensions” and hear their stories when they were denied entry and participation in school. We are wanting to hear where formal processes of formal notification to the Ministry of Education or a suspension and Board of Trustees disciplinary meeting were not followed. [...]
New Video with tips about buying a car from a private seller! (9/28/2015) - Looking at buying a new car from a private seller – either online (e.g. Trademe/FB) or in person? Make sure you read these tips before spending your $! Watch it on Youtube now:
Have your say in how your rights at work can be communicated to you! (9/15/2015) - The Working Women’s Resource Centre are doing some research into ways organisations communicate with young people about their rights at work. As part of this research, they have launched an online survey asking young people about how they currently engage with organisations to get information about their work rights and what issues they have had [...]
New Cyberbullying Laws from July 2015 (7/10/2015) - Cyberbullying Law NZ 2015  
Judge quashes Green Bay High School’s decision to suspend then exclude special needs student (2/24/2014) - The Honourable Justice Faire has released his decision after a hearing at the High Court last Wednesday 19th February 2014 where lawyers for the 14 year old boy with special needs sought a judicial review of Green Bay High School’s decision to exclude him in July 2013. The Judge quashed the decision by Green Bay [...]